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Peter S. Lineberger

Welcome to Pete Lineberger’s website. Pete is a Matrimonial and Family Law Appellate Attorney, who will skillfully handle your appeal from a trial court decision to any state (or federal) court of appeals or supreme court.


Virtually all family law appeals are addressed to state courts, with a rare federal question problem amenable to federal court review. These latter cases usually deal with statutory or procedural due process issues, federal rights under the United States Constitution, or international disputes over custody or support issues. Otherwise, divorce, child custody and visitation, child relocation, parental rights termination, contested adoption, child and spousal support (alimony), division of community/marital/separate property and debt, and paternity matters are handled only in state courts.


Every appeal is based on the record of the trial, which is composed of the trial exhibits admitted in evidence, the transcript of the testimony of the witnesses, and the rulings of the judge - both oral and written. The appellate lawyer writes briefs based on the facts in the record and the skillful application of the law to the facts. There is usually a short oral argument to the appellate court before the case is fully submitted to the court for decision.


Pete has handled dozens of appeals during his almost-forty-year legal career. All of these have been to state supreme courts and courts of appeals in Washington and Montana. The appeal process requires painstaking legal research, excellent writing skills, many years of trial court experience in these cases, an in depth understanding of family dynamics, and persuasive oral argument talents. Pete offers all these attributes, and works very well with appellate court judges and staff.


Whether you are a person wishing to make an appeal, or a person who must respond to the other side’s appeal, you can call Pete Lineberger for a thorough, honest analysis of your case. When he represents you on an appeal, you can count on his diligent, enthusiastic advocacy.